1. Everything you know is wrong

    Everything you know is wrong.
    Everything you think is wrong.
    You never try to understand.
    You make up your mind with about bothering to care.
    You don’t know where I’m from.
    The things that have happened to me.
    Why I’m making these choices.
    Stop trying to judge me. 
    You haven’t had a real conversation with me in three months.
    Don’t tell me you love me.
    Were not even friends anymore.
  2. Day One

    The first day I met you I fell in love.
    Nothing in my life ever seemed so real.
    But as the story goes nothing last.
    You moved away.
    But with you it’s never ended.
    You’ll always come back into my life.
    I’ll always come back to yours.
    A year and a half later.
    I haven’t seen you since summer.
    I still love you like it was the first time we kissed. 
  3. Feel

    I can’t stop.
    I don’t want this.
    The way you make me feel.
    It’s scares me.
    To feel so much.
    I just met you.
    But you make my mind melt.
    Is this real?
    Or am I just stuck in a dream.
    If I’m dreaming. 
    Don’t wake me up.
  4. Broken

    I’m broken and I can’t be fixed. 
    There’s nothing you can do for me. 
    I’m just one big mess.
    I push away everyone I care for.
    I do this till no ones left.
    I’m broken, in pieces.
    There’s no hope in trying to fix me.
    Nothing to look forward to.
    That’s why I turn my back.
  5. Lies

    My life is nothing but lies.
    I lie. (I don’t want to)
    He lies. (That kills)
    My patents lie. (Everyone’s do)
    My brother, my sisters. (Always)
    Teachers, friends. (To everyone)
    The whole world has turned into nothing but lies. 
    I hate it. 
    I would kill for a shred of honesty.
  6. Tick

    You make me tick. 
    The way you like her. 
    The way you lust me. 
    Someone’s going to get hurt. 
    You can’t have both. 
    But still you try. 
    Creating relationships out of lies. 
    Hook up with me one day. 
    Flirt with her the next. 
    Do you think is actually what’s best. 
  7. Beat

    Feelings fading in the abyss.
    My heart grows weaker with every passing day.
    One day it decides to grow.
    Only to find itself back in a hole.
     Hoping one day it can grow without a fade.
    Break free of this masquerade.
    Only one will take my heart away.
    In time I will learn.
    The beat will go till it finds its place.
  8. Goodbye

    Brain racing.
    Heart beating. 
    Hands shaking. 
    This is my final goodbye to you. 
    Words stuttered. 
    I don’t want to hurt you. 
    But this relationship hurts me. 
    I want to be we can’t. 
    I’m sorry but this friendship has come to an end
  9. Life

    When we met we thought it would never be goodbye.
    Now you are thousands of miles away.
    But if our paths shall cross again.
    It will be beautiful.
    I will be happy.
    My world will be at peace.
    Then life will continue,
    Knowing that you and I are complete
  10. Perpetual

    Life’s happening. 

    You grow up. 
    Go to college. 
    Move out. 
    Fall in love. 
    Life is perpetual. 
    You can’t stop it. 
    There’s no use in trying. 
    You just have to flow with it.